Culture Transformation

Simplify percolation of organizational transformation by bringing about a systemic change in the DNA of your organization


Are These Business Scenarios Familiar?

Every organization has a culture. Culture that is either carefully envisioned, crafted, nourished or culture that is formed by default. Irrespective of whether it is by design or default the culture in any organization is influenced by the organizations vision and goals, the leadership teams (leaders) values and behaviours, and the prevailing competitive environment.

Today, when most organizations have to compete globally and remain relevant locally, it is also critical that the culture reflects it’s “unique and compelling customer and employee proposition”.

And finally given the prevailing pace and magnitude of change, organizations should also ensure that “change readiness” is an integral element of the culture.

When organizations want to create a shift in any of these scenarios, their normal recourse to a change strategy that emphasizes restructuring the organization or revamping systems or inducting resources. However, research and our experience over the last 3 decades indicates that these initiatives are unsustainable if not supported by strong leadership will, an aligned ecosystem and people who have committed to the change with their “hearts and minds”.

All these desired states of existence, therefore require a systemic solution powered by unflinching leadership intent. These systemic culture transformation solutions will involve the alignment of the Desired State to the strategy, leadership signals, hearts and minds of people, structure and systems.
These dimensions are reflected through TMI’s 5-Box Model for Cultural Transformation

Our Culture Transformation solutions are designed around the 5-box model that brings tangible and sustainable results. The model has its strength in being holistic and effective at individual, team, & organizational level.

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