Basic Selling Skills Solutions

Enable your sales leaders with a complete sales leadership toolkit giving them the resources, confidence and motivation to lead a winning sales team.

Basic Selling Skills Solutions

Basic Selling Skills Solutions: Driving the organizational mission of best in class sales and service, this H1 solution aims to build the capabilities of your sales team to deliver an on brand experience to your customers to secure their business and, importantly, their loyalty.

The offerings under this solution include:


About the offering
All customer facing employees shape the experience and impression your customers have of your organization. This offering is designed to provide your people with the knowledge, skills and behaviours they need to make a positive impact on sales and to understand the vital role they play in creating the customer experience.

Learning Takeaways

  • Establish your customer’s needs and match your products/services to those identified
  • Recognize loyalty and buying opportunities and act on them
  • Gain and hold your customer’s attention
  • Comfortably discuss commercial opportunities with customers
  • Be more effective in gathering information understanding needs and wants
  • Ask open questions and engage in active listening summarize discussions and take effective notes
  • Deal with customer resistance build an objection bank and develop persuasive responses
  • Keep the right people informed who needs to know what?


About the offering

PRO-PAYBACK Selling is a step by step guide through the complete sales process; it’s the handrail to success based on years of research and experience. It covers each stage of the sales process from organizing your time, researching your prospective clients and creating SMART objectives, opening the sales call, asking value driven questions, presenting the benefits to your customers with You Appeal, to closing the sale and developing the account.
This practical and interactive offering brings PRO-PAYBACK to life through a unique blend of processes, coaching skills, behaviours and solution selling philosophies vital ingredients to win, grow and retain clients.

Learning Takeaways

  • Assess your own selling style and adapt it to suit your customers, in line with TACK’s research into buyers likes and dislikes when dealing with salespeople
  • Research and target the right prospects and customers to generate the best results
  • Ask value driven questions to fully understand your customers needs
  • Motivate customers by applying TACK’s Offer Analysis technique
  • Apply the concept of YOU Appeal ensuring the customer is your focus at all times during the sales process
  • Respond to and manage objections confidently and professionally
  • Deploy key strategies for winning business and gaining customer commitment
  • Developing your customer relations for long term and profitable business


About the Offering

Communicating, either to win new business or to influence internal audience, has never been so dependent upon outstanding presentations. Aim is to enable sales team create outstanding presentations. Through video feedback on at least two occasions, delegates witness dramatic performance improvement, leaving them 100% more confident than when they arrived.

Learning Takeaways

  • Clarify the appropriate objectives for your presentation
  • Structure the presentation in an effective manner, which is easy to understand and has maximum impact
  • Hold the attention of your audience
  • Use PowerPoint and other visual and support material to the greatest effect
  • Project yourself with total confidence
  • Deal with the different questions confidently ensuring any question answer session is inspiring
  • Confidently tackle all future presentations
  • Developing your customer relations for long term and profitable business
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