Sales Development Solutions

Enable your sales leaders with a complete sales leadership toolkit giving them the resources, confidence and motivation to lead a winning sales team.

Sales Development Solutions

ARE THESE YOUR ORGANIZATION’S DESIRED STATE OF EXISTENCE ? When Organizations that are faced with any of these typical scenarios, they usually resort to quick fix strategies that focuses upon redressing a specific skill gap or revamping systems or inducting new resources. However, quick fixes do not last long. Latest research and our experience indicates that a strong solutions approach supported by the leadership is needed if these initiatives have to become tenable in the long run and yield positive business results.

All these business scenarios, therefore require a systemic and customized solutions approach supported by strong leadership that consequentially steers the organisation towards the most desirable state of a business scenario.

1. Enabling a Consultative sales approach
Today businesses look for advisors to guide them to better results. So today’s salespeople can only succeed by being consultants to their customers priorities. Starting by clearly identifying priority needs, this solution shows sales professionals how to present their offer in terms of its contribution to business goals with a justification to the return on investment, how to negotiate effectively while closing sales and how to manage their strategic accounts. Alongside, the solution also focusses on integrating the entire sales support process to enable a consultative selling mindset.

2.Expanding the pie of a Key Account
Retaining your large customer in today’s competitive environment is ultimately down to the skills of your sales team. Account managers carry much responsibility for organisational success and must possess a breadth of skills and behaviours to achieve their business goals. TACK’s solution on key account management is of productivity enhancement from a key account. It gives account managers the essential edge they need in the management of critical stakeholders in an increasingly competitive business environment.

3. Maximizing channel output
The solution makes the participants learn how to train and motivate their channel partners to achieve business solutions and results by setting performance standards and monitoring results. Whether the resource is newly appointed or experienced, this very practical programme gives a wealth of ideas for achieving the company targets as well as channel targets via case studies, role plays and business simulation exercises.

4. Sales leadership Excellence
An initiative that focuses on giving a world of ideas to the sales leaders for achieving success within the sales function in the areas of personnel development, coaching for performance, counselling and motivation whilst also covering strategic business development, market strategy, recruitment and financial understanding including the critical area of budgeting. This solution helps you develop exceptional all round business skills and help you move from sales manager to inspirational sales leader.

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