About Us

Who We Are

InspireOne believes in acting as an impetus in unlocking the human potential by bringing out the best in each individual. We believe that without passion, there can be no growth and hence we bring out sustainable change through inspiration and ignition of passion. We believe that for organizations to be effective it is imperative for every employee to be aligned with the mission and therefore we believe in the power of oneness.

To facilitate change and improve an individual’s skill, we use a multidisciplinary approach to development that involves learning content, learning methodologies including digital learning, behavioral psychology, and many other disciplines, based on the business and learning objectives.

Our Journey

  • InspireOne was founded in 1999 under the name TMI Associates Pvt. Ltd.
  • Over the years, we added more global partnerships to enhance our ability to offer human development solutions across various functions and practices.
  • Today we are a leading solution provider of the country and part of the 3 global networks: IBM, TACK International and TMI Global

Our Vision & Mission


We want to be the preferred partner for organizations around the world that seek to maximize their corporate value through the development of their human capital.


At InspireOne, we partner with our clients to offer leadership and organizational development solutions and we leverage technology for creating sustainable impact on business performance.

Our Methodology

The classical model of high performance environment explains the correlation amongst the three elements of business, that is, environment, behavior and performance. Deriving from this, “InspireOne’s Orbit for Transformation” helps you generate sustainable business performance by co-creating the right behaviors and environment. Our solutions are aimed at addressing the areas of competencies and culture to instill the desired performance resulting in measureable business results.

The metamorphose is aided through our four intangible assets of Skill & Process capital, Know-How capital, Technology capital and Relationship capital. Igniting our intangibles are the core values of inspiration, one and passion. Our values are the binding force that unifies all the elements into one and help you to become number one.

Skill & Process Capital

Ability to synthesize & understand business issues through robust and well-defined processes to ensure we exceed your expectations each time.

Technology Capital

Leveraging digital learning such as mobile learning, cognitive technologies and gamification to improve and measure learning experiences.

Know-how Capital

Wide repertoire of internationally researched, validated and proven know-how of our global partners.

Relationship Capital

We consider our formal and informal network of relationships with our stakeholders as a capital.

Our Values


Our ability to activate positive change by connecting to the minds and hearts of people.


Our aspiration to align your human capital to one direction by being the one preferred partner for all your human development needs and to enable our customers to be No.1 as individuals, teams and organizations.


Our ability to instil positive change by infusing passion and energy that catalyses change within oneself and in people around.

Meet Our Team

    DEEPAK MOHLA Managing Director
    NEETA MOHLA Director & Principal Consultant
  • Sumit Sahni
    Sumit Sahni CEO and Partner
    SUMAN SETHI Director & Principal Consultant
    KARTIK MOHLA Founder & CEO - InspireOne Technologies
  • Craig Gould
    Craig Gould Principal Consultant and Regional Head - West
  • Richa Singh
    Richa Singh Project Manager & Delivery Consultant
  • Divya Verma
    Divya Verma Principal Consultant - Leadership Practice and Delivery Operations

Our Partners

IBM Smarter Workforce

InspireOne partners with IBM Smarter Workforce which reinvents work in this age of the empowered employee. Taking advantage of behavioral science, predictive analytics, and collaboration tools, it ensures a best-fit, engaged workforce to drive innovation, develop deeper client relationships and move business forward.

With a Smarter Workforce you can:

  • Attract the best talent
  • Empower your employees
  • Really know your people

Visit the IBM Smarter Work force Website for more information

Tack TMI

The Learning and Development solutions of Tack TMI help people and organisations to thrive. In India, this expertise and knowledge is delivered by InspireOne Consultants – The Exclusive India Partner to Tack TMI.

With over 110 years of combined experience and expertise. Tack TMI is the trusted global partner to some of the world’s leading organisations.

We inspire and enable your people and your organisation to release true potential and achieve sustainable results.

If your business strives for growth and excellence and you see people as central to your success, connect with us.

Visit the Tack TMI Global Website

Visit the Tack TMI India Website