Culture Transformation

Simplify percolation of organizational transformation by bringing about a systemic change in the DNA of your organization

Alignment Culture

InspireOne TMI’s Productivity and Accountability Culture ensures strategic alignment and deployment to help organizations achieve their goals through aligned, inspired and Committed actions by everyone in the company.

This is a culture transformation intervention which is designed to create strategic alignment for the vision across the organization in a way that each member of the organization knows what is their role in making the vision come to life, is able to commit to achieving their goals and is willing to take accountability to make sure that they are achieved.

This approach is based on TMI’s Results Philosophy™ and Employeeship™ principles.

The design of this transformation initiative is based on strong diagnostics to identify the specific levers that need to be impacted to create a high productivity culture in the organization. The diagnostics is powered by a survey “The effective workplace survey“.