Culture Transformation

Simplify percolation of organizational transformation by bringing about a systemic change in the DNA of your organization

Inside Out Branding

Creating a values driven organization and building a compelling EVP through Inside Out Branding based on employeeship, this is an initiative that focuses on mobilizing everyone’s energy towards the success of the organization.Establishing an ON BRANDs EVP is an integrated organizational development approach designed to bring brands to life internally, deliver a differentiated brand employee and customer proposition and finally build employee and customer loyalty and brand equity.

The brand and brand values provide the perfect medium for the differentiation; since the brand defines the distinctiveness of the organization it is inimitable by competition.

Aligning the EVP to the brand promise and values would ensure that the brand comes to life through every internal interaction and finally every customer interaction.

A transformation initiative which crafts a compelling and differentiated customer proposition by aligning the culture and service of the organization with the brand. Based on appreciative enquiry approach, this solution has helped many organizations bring their brands to life and therefore leverage the brand for creating sustainable and distinctive experiences in the minds of customers.
The diagnostics is supported by a Brand Connect Survey which enables the identification of areas of strength and opportunity vis-a -vis the brand connection within the organization.