Customer Service & Productivity


An organizations success for a large part, depends on whether the energy of all employees is mobilized and focused towards ensuring success, survival and growth. A shared sense of responsibility is vital if an organization wants to survive, adapt and succeed in business. Your people are your organization’s most valuable resource, yet maybe not enough of them feel they can leverage their potential in the best possible way.

EmployeeshipTM is an intensive offering by InspireOne | TMI, based on the notion that everybody has an enormous, unused resource at their disposal – their own potential. An EmployeeshipTM culture is an optimum organizational development where management and staff both share the responsibility for success and failure – and work together to achieve the best results they can.

This offering provides great inspiration on what it takes from both managers and staff to develop that special atmosphere of commitment we call EmployeeshipTM. With EmployeeshipTM, you can tap into and benefit from the vast reservoir of talent and creative energy to make things happen.

Learning Takeaways

  • Focus your energy on success
  • Work with others at all levels
  • Share the responsibility of achieving or not achieving goals
  • Be motivated to do your best
  • Have a clearer understanding of and buy-in to the corporate goals