Customer Service & Productivity

Success in Multi-Generational Workplaces

Multigenerational workplaces are a reality today in most industries; new age and conventional. The impact is being felt now more than ever since the representation of each generation is almost equal! Different generations mean differing perspectives, different work ethics and different motivators, and imagine all of this in the same workplace!

The ensuing chaos is what most organisations are grappling with. Contextualization in this multi-generational workplace is therefore, imperative. It is critical to build mutual understanding and respect, to enable decoding with a view to understand and customise and to evangelise the view that “being different is not being wrong“.

This offering has been crafted to address the needs of multi-generational workforce to enable both Gen X and Y to understand and communicate effectively with each other and to enable Gen X to lead and leverage a Gen Y team towards superior results.

Learning Takeaways

  • Enable sensitization to the generational differences.
  • Enable constructive and contextualized communication across generations.
  • Understand how to create engagement and high performance in a multi-generational workplace.
  • Provide with insights and strategies that will enhance leadership skills