Coaching Conversations That Get Results

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Coaching Conversations That Get Results

The success of any organization is built around creativity, energy, and talent of its people. This requires leaders to be committed to use appropriate tools to help people succeed and grow in the organization. Coaching is recognized as one of the most powerful mechanisms available for achieving improved productivity, quality of output, and motivation levels of employees. It helps individuals grow and develop skills and competencies. Coaching further helps generate sustained results as well as strengthen and retain capable employees. Building a coaching culture ensures regular conversations across all levels of the organization primarily focused on the individual and his/her performance. The benefits of building a coaching culture are enormous:

  • Retention, engagement and increased loyalty of people
  • Efficiencies, productivity and the resolution of conflicts
  • Better communication and more affable collegial relationships

InspireOne solution ‘Coaching Conversation for Results’ enables leaders with

  • Learn to stretch coaching conversations beyond comfort zones to transform performance
  • Practice active listening and summarizing to help coachees express themselves
  • Learn the non-verbal techniques of rapport building
  • Use the SAID model to provide effective feedback
  • Use the GROW to create effective coaching plan for the team
  • Bring changes in mindset and behavior to help managers unlock and develop inner potential as a coach

“Coaching is unlocking a person’s potential to maximize their own performance; helping them to learn rather than teaching them” – Sir John Whitmore

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