Diversity and Inclusion

There is only one way of looking at things UNTIL Someone shows us How to look at them with DIFFERENT EYES – Pablo Picasso

When to embark on inclusion initiatives?

Unless the business case for Inclusion initiatives is clear, understood and accepted by all in the organisation, chances of successful inclusion initiatives are close to nada. This is especially true if organisations are not able to grasp the fundamental social and moral imperatives.

Inclusion should not be a mere strategy to help people fit into an existing system, it should create a workspace that is conducive and productive for every member of the organization.

The Business Case for inclusion:

  • Direct impact on business revenues. Leveraging strengths from diverse ideas, people management and execution.
    • Organizations which encourage gender diversity outperform their competitors by 15%
    • Organizations which foster racial and ethnic diversity have 35% more financial returns
  • Our customers are diverse!
  • Lower attrition and legal costs
  • Higher creativity and engagement
  • There really is no other way to grow, the world is only increasing in diversity!

InspireOne’s offerings

For organisations with complete clarity and integrity of intent InspireOne brings two distinct offerings under its Diversity and Inclusion initiative:

  1. Measuring Organisational climate and leadership behaviors on inclusion
    1. Measuring Organisational climate through an incisive and insightful diagnostic study using a survey and FGDs framed on TMI’s 5 Box model for culture.
    2. Measuring inclusive behaviors of leaders through a 180 degree inclusion behavior assessment
    3. A half day sensitization workshop on inclusion for the leadership team
    4. Presentation of findings and indicative way forward through a one day workshop with the leaders
  1. Inclusion of women
    1. Diagnostics on inclusion of women culturally
    2. Differentiated development journeys for women leaders at all levels

Objectives of the Diversity and Inclusion Initiative

  • Inclusion Climate and Behavior
    • Having a clear understanding of the overall organizational climate in terms of Diversity and Inclusion
      • The drivers and the hindering factors
    • Insight on the inclusion behaviors being displayed by the leaders
  • Inclusion of Women
    • Addressing the unique challenges, the women leaders face at every level
    • Identifying their leadership profile through various IBM assessment tools
    • Developing capabilities through learning journeys for all levels of women leaders

Our Design Differentiators

  • Two unique initiatives under a comprehensive Diversity and Inclusion umbrella
  • Our design
    • Is based on TMI’s 5 Box framework and IBM High Performance Behaviour research
    • It focuses on climate and leadership behaviours pertaining to inclusion
    • Provides clear leadership development journeys for women leaders