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Heartwork Of Leadership

With competition becoming fierce, organizations adopt aggressive growth plans leading to increasing demands on the managers of today. In this changing scenario, managers experience significant challenges like increased stress, reduced productivity, low engagement and attrition.Emotional Intelligence emerges as an important leadership competency to lead and manage this change.

InspireOne’s solution ‘Heartwork of Leadership’ is built on the foundation of Emotional Intelligence that prepares organization to tackle these issues by developing strength in areas of resilience, empathy, optimism, among other emotionally intelligent behaviours.

The Heartwork of Leadership Journey begins with understanding one’s own EQ profile using TMI’s Personal EQ Meter™, an online survey. The assessment is followed by group or individual feedback, and a set of workshops, which aims at developing skills of being an emotionally intelligent leader.

The Heartwork of Leadership enables leaders to:

  • Gather insights based on Personal Emotional Quotient Meter™ (PEQM™) profile.
  • Maximize individual and team productivity in line with business goals.
  • Boost employee engagement and commitment to make people perform to their true potential.
  • Build high performing teams by developing skills such as collaboration, team work, conflict management, negotiation and influencing among team members.
  • Drive fast – paced organizational changes in a manner where everyone buys-in and is committed to change.
“Emotions influence everything we do in the workplace. Used correctly, they can lead to enhanced team spirit and increased output.”

– Aubrey Stuart, Consultant, Kenexa

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