Hope, Energy, Resilience and Optimism in difficult times.

Sustained pressure is a way of life today. While the current pandemic may have been an impetus to this situation, it is becoming clear that this will remain a way of life even when the pandemic is brought under control. In a study conducted by InspireOne across different parts of the globe, it was observed that Optimism, Adaptability and Contentment are the areas of concern in leaders’ current Emotional Quotient profiles. These are critical skills that leaders must possess to be able to lead successfully. As it’s said that the mood of a leader is highly contagious, a lack in these core competencies is not only self-limiting to the individual but also creates a ripple effect throughout the organization. In these current times of constant change and challenges, how can an organization navigate & thrive with its team members expressing doubt, pessimism and negativity? This further validates the emergence of a new need within organizations:  to create positivity that can further create high productivity in their teams. While at an overall level, organizations are dealing with the ongoing crisis by putting together processes and SOPs’, what is being missed out is nurturing its very roots, its individuals, leaders and teams. Newer skills need to be developed within these building blocks of an organization for it to thrive in this environment marked with uncertainty & doubt. Some of these include:

  • Understanding and acceptance of own reactions to sustained pressure and crises
  • Managing stress and emotions
  • Developing an adaptive and learning mindset
  • Flexible thinking to solve problems
  • Learning to ‘access’ positive emotions
  • Building optimistic perspectives

Based on two decades of experience in working with multiple industries and across multiple solutions, InspireOne offers a customized approach based on the needs of your organization

H.E.R.O Program (Hope, Energy, Resilience & Optimism)

InspireOne enables organizations to develop the relevant skills that aim at building the core- Psychological Capital within your leaders. Based on your organization’s need, we propose the following 2 approaches to strengthen the cognitive-emotional skills within your employees:

  • PsyCap Workshops – could be either virtual or in person.
    1. 1-day workshop on “The Resilient Me”
    2. 1-day workshop on “The Optimistic Outlook”
  • “Hero Leadership Development Program”: Learning journeys (based on making learning stick framework) that include:
    1. Measurements, Tools & Tool kits
    2. PsyCap Workshops
    3. Learning assignments and Journaling
    4. Application
      1. ‘Master-O’ our gamified learning platform.
      2. Webinars on related topics like- Managing your Energy, Time Affluence, Gratitude, Mental Fitness etc

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