Leading Virtual Teams in Crisis

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Leading Virtual Teams in Crisis

In times of crisis, you may find yourself in a scenario of virtually managing a fully remote team in an environment of chaos and uncertainty. It’s likely you have never worked 100% remote, let alone managed a team in this setting. Add to that, the overall unrest due to the crisis can make this task seem overwhelming and daunting.

Effective remote working teams don’t just require the right technology – they require the right leadership. The rapid pace of globalization and the growing number of collaborate software solutions have enabled virtual work, and the demand for skills from around the world have made it a necessity, but virtual teamwork is not intuitive. It’s about me that leaders recognize the human side of the equation.

It is with this aim in mind that we bring to you a Virtual Instructor Led Training (VILT) solution on Leading Virtual Teams in Crisis.

Learning Objectives

  • Self – Assessment
    • Identifying a current crisis situation
    • What they think they did well?
    • What were the challenges that were tough to handle?
  • Webinars
    • What happens in a crisis?
    • Handling emotions before handling the situation
    • Importance of staying calm, objective and empathetic
    • Generative conversations to build confidence
    • Discover challenges and opportunities associated with virtual teams
    • Adopt practices that enhance effective collaboration
    • Upgrade your communication skills to be fit for the virtual reality
    • Inspire and influence high performance from team
    • Get ideas to stay connected in a naturally disconnected setting
    • Leverage emerging technologies in communication

Why Enrol?

  • Practical – Provide you with collaborative tools and structured processes for leading global virtual teams
  • Interactive – You will be asked to participate Interactive and can also bring your own pain-points and get support from trainer and peers
  • Step-by-step Learning – This course is broken Step-by-step learning down into easy to manage bite-size chunks
  • Action Oriented – You will be asked to apply and take action on some of your learning
Leading Virtual Teams

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