Managerial Effectiveness

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A CEO’s performance is as good as their middle managers.

– Med Jones

Managerial Effectiveness

Managerial effectiveness programs have vacillated between being, tick-in-the-box or being overambitious.  Leading to middle managements that are either frozen or moving briskly without direction. The fundamentals of WHY and WHAT of management development must be brought Center Stage.

WHY:  Since, it’s the middle that is responsible for ensuring that the brain and the legs move in the same direction”, it is imperative that middle managers be adept at managing resources and achieving day to day operational excellence.


  • Skills of managing –stakeholders, resources, quality and time
  • Processes required for the deliverables
  • Role as enablers of teams

Drivers for success.

  • These are non-negotiable for managerial roles
  • Must be delivered before or as soon as a person moves into the role
  • Organisations’ to provide development to aspirant managers and aspirants to own it

 A successfully completed journey is proof of the manager’s merit, inclination and hence their right to growth.

Our Unique Approach

Our unique approach focuses on development at the level of self, people, and the ecosystem with the integration of diversified methodology in the learning journey:  Our Managerial Effectiveness programs are interwoven with the processes, technology and tools that the managers are supposed to use as part of their roles. This approach lends itself to business impact.

Objectives of the Journey

  • Internalizing one’s role as an effective Manager of Managers
  • Learning to manage resources and achieve day to day operational excellence in line with the organisation’s goals
  • Learning the skills of managing – people/stakeholders and resources in line with the plans
  • Understanding the skill and the process required for the deliverables
  • Developing the key functional and managerial capabilities required in the new role
  • Creating a robust action plan to implement the learnings on the job

Our Design Differentiators

InspireOne contextualises a comprehensive blended learning journey for the mid managerial level. The design

  • Is based on intense customization to managers role and context
  • Brings together development of functional and behavioural competencies
  • Enables learners to practice real life challenges and situations

Our Technology Differentiators

  • Artificial Intelligence based assessment tools, Supernova™ powered by IBM Watson: a cognitive technology platform. It uses AI to provide insights and feedback on Managerial Competencies applied by learners at the workplace. This is based on their response to real life situations they are likely to manage in their current and future roles
  • Action plan implementation platform, Supernova ALP, which helps ensure constant and steady approach towards development by integrating it with a user’s daily work schedule. Helps tracking, feedback and review with the supervisor
  • Mobile learning platform, Master-O, to practice the skills in an engaging and interactive way. It enables learners to retain and apply their skills and knowledge on the job
  • Possibility to use IBM’s Talent Framework, which has a backing of 30 years of ongoing research, is a benchmark library that maps skill profiles with roles across industries can provide the base for all competencies (Functional, Business and Behavioral) required for any role across industries
  • Learning Analytics based on Master-O will give detailed report on the learning implementation and retention of the learners across various demographic details

Managerial Effectiveness – The Journey

The Managerial Effectiveness Journey

Business Impact

  • Faster transition into the managerial role.
  • Shorter time to be productive and effective as a manager.
  • Higher effectiveness and productivity as a manger.
  • Continuous improvement approach on processes for better engagement with team and stakeholders

Key Takeaways

  • High degree of self-awareness and self-development
  • Resolution of operational challenges with the help of Supernova ALP
  • Increased engagement with the organization

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