Mid – Level Competency Based Workshop

Mid – Level Competency Based Workshop

Mid managers or the middle layer within the organization have gained relentless focus in organizations, in current times. One of the key concerns of organizations today is how we can make this lynchpin of the organization future ready to ensure the future becomes possible for organizations.

Everything else in place if the mid management is not aligned or equipped to deliver on the strategy, (whatever it maybe) success is not going to be a reality.

IBM Kenexa’s research of 30 years has defined 12 high performing behaviors clustered into 4 categories that are essential to lead in current VUCA environment.

Our competency based workshops help organizations bridge the development gap required to perform the role of a mid-leader and build capabilities for future to ensure the pipeline is full and flowing.

Our series of programs cover essential behaviors required at mid managerial level. Organizations can pick the flagship programs most suited to its talent need and customize it to its business context.

Our programs allow learning and practice simultaneously through business simulations, collaborative peer learning and consultant feedback.

1. Strategic Thinking

Making a transition from tactical thinking to strategic thinking

The strategic thinking program is designed to help leaders shift their thinking behavior from being tactical to strategic & big picture oriented. It enables leaders to solve long-term strategic issues that have a bearing with the organization vision and strategy.

The learning session equips leaders with tools to formulate strategic plans.

The program offers participants an understanding of their thinking behaviours; identify the behavioural strengths and development areas through tools and business simulations.

2. Leading Change

In the times of a VUCA environment; where change is the only assured way to stay competitive in the market; organizations are relying extensively on their leaders to manage and lead change.

This program builds leadership behaviours desired when leading change. It enables leaders to:

  • Understand the dynamics of Change
  • Use models of culture to analyze the cultural implication of the change
  • Apply tools to participant’s identified situation
  • Learn through applying step by step process of leading change

Our program equips senior leaders with required tools to convert business strategy into organization performance.

3. Great Performance Conversations

Inspiring performance with ‘Great Performance Conversations module’

InspireOne’s great performance conversation is a constructive dialogue that builds trust, improves transparency, enhances accountability, and promotes a greater sense of connection to the organization. The purpose of Great Performance Conversations program is to enhance competence and skills of leaders to facilitate more effective conversations related to work performance and its link to organizational effectiveness

The workshop:

  • Enables leaders to build a performance based culture and developmental environment
  • Helps them define clear goals and expectations with respect to required competencies
  • Empowers them to enhance performance by learning the art of constructive feedback
  • Develops leaders to coach and build employee engagement
  • Prepares them to structure performance conversations before, during & after feedback
  • Builds leadership behaviours of Empathy & Developing People

4. Coaching Conversation For Results (Intermediate)

Developing talent through ‘Coaching Conversations that get Results’

Coaching has been established as one of the important behaviors of a people leader. This leadership behaviour brings great benefits to the organizations in terms of:

  • Retention, engagement and increased loyalty of people
  • Efficiencies, productivity and the resolution of conflicts
  • Better communication and more affable collegial relationships

The Coaching Conversation for Results suite supports leaders to embrace coaching as a fundamental part of their competence toward delivering sustainable business results. The program teaches a set of coaching behaviors and actions that help leaders engage employees, and increase their motivation and accountability.

It enables mid-level leaders to:

  • Learn to create trust for a safe conversation
  • Lead coaching conversations in different business contexts
  • Incorporate coaching in everyday conversations to maximize people potential
  • Use delegation as a medium to coach team members
  • Capture opportunities for informal coaching conversations
  • Adopt role of a facilitator, mentor, or coach to manage group complexities