Managerial Effectiveness I

Stepping Into Leadership

Managerial Effectiveness I – A First Time Managers Training Program

Research suggest that individual contributors transitioning into first time leadership roles find themselves facing new and unexpected challenges of performing against completely different performance metrices, as compared to earlier.

A low focus & support on managing this transition leads to significant loss of productivity & engagement of teams.

Therefore, the critical areas for leaders who are being readied for FLM role are

  • First is self – role understanding, one’s strengths against the role and managing emotional challenges of transition;
  • Second is the team and talent management and the
  • Third is managing relationships.
  • In the current scenario, the fourth critical challenge is also the capability to lead in a virtual environment.

InspireOne helps Individual Contributors prepare for their new role of first time managers be focusing on relevant areas of leading self, leading people and leading effectively in a virtual world


  • Gap in role understanding
  • Difficulty in adapting to the new role
  • Transition challenges – managing emotions
  • Changed performance metrics
  • Managing stakeholders
  • Team performance
  • Create value for team members
  • Take on team goals
  • Key people management skills

Design Principle

  • The journey architecture is based on our learning stick framework of context setting, motivation, learn and perform
  • In this framework, the learner is exposed to different learning methodology that is paced for learning absorption and retention
  • The learning activities of each element of the framework feeds into the following element, creating a wholistic learning at the end of the journey
Managerial Effectiveness I Design Principle

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Module Learning Architecture

Context Setting

Week 1

  • Introductory Virtual Session 1



Week 2

  • Digital Learning
    via Master-O
  • Assessment


Week 3

  • 4 half day VILT session Core Concept
  • Virtual Session 2


Week 4-5

  • Innovative application assignment
  • Virtual Session 3

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