Leadership Preference Questionnaire (LPQ)

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Leadership Preference Questionnaire (LPQ)

When identifying talented leaders of tomorrow, a person’s preference towards leadership is an important factor. This tool is to help individuals and organizations identify the best fit between personality and critical roles.

The LPQ is an online questionnaire based on the a big five model of personality. The questionnaire measures 28 dimensions which have been positively correlated with leadership performance at work. The foundation of the LPQ was IBM Kenexa’s three – year research study with London Business School and a number of major, blue – chip companies. The LPQ provides valuable insight into an individual’s leadership orientation and career motivators. The results of the questionnaire are broken down into the following areas: Thinking orientations, Social Orientations, Power orientations, Achievement orientations, Emotional Orientations, Mastery Orientations.

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