Stepping Into Leadership

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Stepping Into Leadership

Research indicates that new leaders are four times more likely to underperform in their new roles as compared to senior managers Moreover 60% (six out of ten) transitioning first-time managers are likely to underperform in their new role. This is a critical issue emerging in most growing organizations.
Stepping Into Leadership Series is a unique six day workshop package for first time leaders consisting of six different modules: Understanding my Role & Achieving Results, Managing People, Giving Effective Feedback, Building Coaching Skills, Building Relationships and Managing Teamwork.
Stepping Into Leadership Series enables participants to become more effective and productive in their roles by developing leadership competencies, for example:

  • Enhancing team performance by building collaboration.
  • Setting team goals & problem solving
  • Developing team members to increase productivity & performance
  • Influencing & motivating stakeholders
  • Handling conflicts etc.

With our extensive experience in this area, working with leading multinational and Indian companies, we can offer a practical & comprehensive solution to our clients. The Series can also be customized to an organization’s specific focus areas and challenges.

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