Leadership Assessments – An Overview

InspireOne Leadership Solutions

Measuring And Predicting Performance With Leadership Assessments

Our leadership assessment philosophy is derived from IBM/Kenexa’s 30 years of research which demonstrates that leadership potential is a combination of capability and capacity.Our assessments enable organizations to accurately measure leadership capacity and capability to determine the leadership bench strength, identify Hi – potentials, enable customized and optimum development plans and align people strategy with business strategy.

Benefits that organizations accrue:

  • Determine the capability of your leaders to deliver company strategy.
  • Leadership bench strength compared with the global benchmarks.
  • Improve leadership performance and help ensure the right people are in the right jobs to drive performance in your organization.
  • Identify future leaders at an early stage.
  • Monitor leadership behavior development on real time basis.
  • Measure your leaders’ ability to lead in uncertain environment.

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