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InspireOne Consultants conducted a Leadership Roundtable on 11th February 2021 on Putting the SPRING back through Hope, Energy, Resilience & Optimism. This webinar hosted a few of our nation’s top leaders from various industries who talked about why building psychological capital is the need of the hour.


On the panel were leaders like Rajesh Ramakrishnan (Managing Director, Perfetti Van Melle, India), Shenu Agarwal (CEO, Escorts Agri Machinery), Randeep Sekhon (Chief Technology Officer, Airtel), and Carmistha Mitra (Senior VP, Chief Learning Officer, Axis Bank). The moderator of the discussion was Sumit Sahni (CEO & Partner, InspireOne Consultants).


As highlighted by the World Economic Forum, 1 in 3 adults suffer from depression/ anxiety due to covid. But covid or not, situations of uncertainty and pressure have become a part of our routine. Therefore, in the context of the current times of sustained pressure, the need for building optimism and resilience in our workforce is heightened.


According to the Future of Jobs report, few of the emerging skill set that needs to be built in the Indian workforce is strongly influenced by a leader’s ability to manage their own emotions such as emotional intelligence, resilience, and stress tolerance. 


This focused light on how various successful leaders endeavoured to build the psychological capital within their organization as a source of competitive advantage. Mr. Shenu Agarwal from Escorts highlighted “building this capital isn’t one big move but a series of consistent efforts”. He further added that “Even people with average capabilities, when aligned to a common goal- can do wonders!”. Mr. Rajesh Ramakrishnan from Perfetti emphasized “open & proactive communication” as a first step to ensure basic, hygiene factors of economic & physical safety are met which then promote hope & optimism within employees. For Mr. Randeep Sekhon from Airtel, “building a strong sense of purpose” in one’s job is a key contributor to building H.E.R.O. Ms. Carmistha Mitra from Axis Bank emphasized upon a “we care” mentality that their organization leveraged to build these H.E.R.O attributes through various initiatives like “staying positive program”, “Gig-A” opportunities and others.


Mr. Sekhon also highlighted how a change in perspective can change the outcomes of an event. He states that what no one else could do, covid did! “Covid has done the most digitization in the world” and helped us learn new ways of working.


Talking about the role of leadership in developing the psychological capital, Mr. Ramakrishnan commented that the responsibility of making the psychological capital more sustainable & viable is primarily within the leaders. The entire panel agreed to the crucial role that a leader must play in cultivating these attributes within their teams.


The discussion concluded with each panellist stating their one operating principle that enables them to lead with optimism. 


Quote used by the MD of Perfeeti Rajesh Ramakrishnan
Quote used by CTO of Airtel Randeep Sekhon

Rajesh Ramakrishnan

Managing Director at Perfetti Van Melle India



Randeep Sekhon,

CTO, Airtel


Quote used by the CEO of Escorts Agri Machinery Shenu Agarwal
Quote said by the CHRO of Axis Bank Carmistha Mitra

Shenu Agarwal

Chief Executive Officer – Escorts Agri Machinery


Carmistha Mitra

Group Head – SVP HR , CLO , Axis Bank


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