Leading in a Digital World

A Round Table Meet
30th July | Delhi NCR

Leading in a Digital World – Summarizing the Round Table Meet


InspireOne organized a round table discussion on the topic of “Leading in a Digital World” on July 30th at DoubleTree, Gurgaon.

The event was anchored by Sumit Sahni, CEO, InspireOne. The purpose of this event was to engage industry leaders in an enriching conversation about how emerging technologies are going to change the landscape of how we do business today and how agile leadership will be crucial to create and run a sustainable business in this ambiguous and complex world.

The key themes of this round table discussions were the following:

  • How is a Digital Business Different?
  • Implications of digital on organizational culture
  • Leadership qualities for a digital world
  • Critical work practices
  • How do traditional vs modern organizations operate in this realm of digital disruption?
    • Radically innovate while optimizing operations
    • Compete in sprints while delivering long term value
    • Provide technology enabled offerings while not focusing on technology but on value
  • How does a digital Leader operate?
    • Digital leadership requires a fundamental mindset shift
    • From stability to agility
    • From business acumen to technical as well as financial acumen
    • Focus on organization to focus on customer centricity

The key- takeaway of this discussion was the understanding of the “paradoxes” at play at different levels that will necessitate constant learning and building maturity in organizations. Ultimately – Collaboration, Innovation and Customer Orientation will be critical focus competencies. Apart from the critical competencies mentioned earlier, Entrepreneurial mindset and Design Thinking are also important as critical work processes to achieve the desired goal of digital transformation.

Participants from the 9 organizations gave several examples of their real-time experiences of the impact of the digital world and the implication of this in their professional roles.

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