Open Programs

Transform individual performance, improve engagement, boost motivation and help your people reach their full potential.

Effective, Immediate and Sustainable Learning

From one individual to a small team of employees, our open courses offer an affordable way to develop the skills your organisation needs. Targeted and effective, we use our proven methodologies to deliver immediate results – transforming individual, team and business performance.

Run regularly throughout the nation, our open courses provide the ideal learning environment for employees to focus fully on acquiring the skills they need to be successful. Mixing with peers from other industries, individuals also benefit from the insight and diverse experiences of others; developing their networks and providing a richer learning experience. Our programs are powered by the knowledge and expertise of our global partners Tack TMI.

Leading in a Digital

How emerging technologies are changing the landscape of modern business


Psychodrama is an action method to investigate and gain insight into one’s lives

HeartWork - EI Certification

Become a Certified Emotional Intelligence Practitioner

Our Open Programs are Powered by –

IBM Smarter Workforce

InspireOne partners with IBM Smarter Workforce which reinvents work in this age of the empowered employee. Taking advantage of behavioral science, predictive analytics, and collaboration tools, it ensures a best-fit, engaged workforce to drive innovation, develop deeper client relationships and move business forward.

Visit the IBM Smarter Work force Website for more information

TMI World

With resource centres in close to 40 countries, TMI is one of the worlds leading learning consultancies. Every year more than 200,000 people from large and small organizations all over the world attend TMI programs to learn how to better manage their time, knowledge, people and performance, to deliver exceptional service and quality and to create business excellence.

Visit the TMI World Website for more information

TACK International

Tack International is a World-Leading provider of sales training and development solutions. For almost 70 years, Tack has designed and delivered workshops and workforce development programs globally. The Indian operation, exclusively operated by InspireOne has been carrying out these tasks in the region for almost 20 years. We have broad experience in designing tailored training workshops and programs across many sectors of industry.

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