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Negotiation Skills

Negotiation skills is an absolute necessity. Anyone can strike a deal by conceding, but in today’s market you can’t afford such tactics. Change the game and turn the typical positional negotiation into a co-operative discussion. Even the toughest procurement specialists will want to do business with you again and you’ll keep your margins. This course, powered by our global partners TACK International, offers the process, strategies and the psychology behind negotiations along with an unique insight into how buyers think and behave.


Over 70 years of research and practical experience of helping people to learn, grow and reach their full potential means that TACK is able to support you in achieving world-class sales, leadership and individual performance.

Target Audience

Anyone who has to conduct business negotiations will benefit from attending. Although the Negotiation skills course is principally designed for salespeople, buyers, procurement, sales managers and key account executives, it is equally suitable for any other executives (e.g. accountants) who are involved in commercial negotiations.

High Spots

  • Preparation steps undertaken for a profitable negotiated outcome
  • Supplier specific negotiation skills and strategies
  • Strategies and tactics used by the other party
  • Communication profiler
  • Industry customizable case studies to analyze, solve and simulate via role play in the workshop
  • Knowing and leveraging psychological traps to avoid when negotiating

Key learning Points & Outcomes

Negotiation Skills

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