Sales Development

Enable your sales teams and leaders with a complete sales development toolkit that gives them the resources, confidence and motivation to generate winning sales results.


PRO-PAYBACK Selling is a step by step guide through the complete sales process; it’s the handrail to success based on years of research and experience. It covers each stage of the sales process from organizing your time, researching your prospective clients and creating SMART objectives, opening the sales call, asking value driven questions, presenting the benefits to your customers with “You Appeal”, to closing the sale and developing the account.

This practical and interactive workshop brings PRO-PAYBACK to life through a unique blend of processes, skills, behaviors, and solution selling philosophies – vital ingredients to win, grow and retain clients.

Target Audience

Whether you are new to selling or an experienced sales professional with no formal training, PRO-PAYBACK is the ideal programme for you.

High Spots

  • Understanding just how powerful your sales offer is and how to communicate it using ‘YOU Appeal®’
  • Trainer coaching and facilitation to increase confidence and bring about instant change
  • Creation of ‘high-value’ questions and the power of ‘selling by objectives’
  • Winning true customer commitment by professional ‘closing’

Key learning Points & Outcomes


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