Sales Development

Enable your sales teams and leaders with a complete sales development toolkit that gives them the resources, confidence and motivation to generate winning sales results.

Strategic Sales Management

As a strategic sales manager responsible for setting the strategy you need to be a strong leader, responsive motivator, efficient organizer, accurate forecaster, numerate budgeter, inspired speaker and a successful salesperson!

Your organization’s sales team is a powerful entity. It is the face of your business, able to make or break customer relationships and business reputations. Your sales managers and sales team need to be focused, directed, energized and motivated.

This highly practical programme gives a world of ideas for achieving success within the sales function. The programme is ideal for both the development of your sales team and your business with specific emphasis on the key skills of personal development including coaching, counseling, and motivation whilst also covering strategic business development, market strategy, recruitment and financial understanding including the critical area of budgeting. This challenging course will help you develop exceptional all-round business skills and help you move from sales manager to inspirational sales leader.

Tack International

Our Strategic Sales Management Solution is powered by the global knowledge and experience of our partner Tack International

Target Audience

The programme is designed for experienced, newly appointed or potential sales managers, as well as those who require a broad appreciation of strategic sales management.

High Spots

• A formula for successful recruitment will help you adopt a practical process for planning future recruitment programmes – from interviewing and selection, to induction and on-going development
• An exercise to analyze the shape of your business including market mix, product portfolio, and business results will help focus your sales strategy
• You’ll take away spreadsheet models which are indispensable in assessing the impact of your strategic sales decisions – including pricing

Key learning Points & Outcomes

• Recruit high-quality salespeople and managers
• Develop your sales managers and sales team
• Handle both performance and mindset issues arising within your team
• Analyse your sales channels and market strategy
• Analyse the market and increase your share
• Assess the impact of your strategic sales decisions on finances and your overall budget

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