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Value Driven Negotiations

Many people believe that business negotiations begin and end at the table, that they rely solely on good bargaining skills and tactics, and that they are the final step in the sales process is finished. Value Driven Negotiation is an approach that believes negotiating is an inseparable and integrated part of the whole sales process and it recognizes that much of your success ‘at the table’ is determined before you ever get there owing to a lasting belief that “90% of the outcome of your negotiation is determined before you get to the table.”

This course teaches the 5 phases in business negotiations from defining value to delivering value for the customer plus how to claim value from the customer.

Target Audience

Anyone who must conduct business negotiations will benefit from the Value Driven Negotiations programme. Although the course is principally designed for salespeople, buyers, procurement managers, sales managers and key account managers it is equally suitable for any other executives (e.g. accountants) who are involved in commercial negotiations.

High Spots

  • A revolutionary approach to Value Selling and Negotiation
  • 5 Industry customisable Case Studies to analyze, solve and Role Play in the workshop
  • Power analysis, SWOT, BOAT
  • A Negotiation Planner with over 15 tools (In both printed and soft copy) for use post training
  • A communication profiler to understand various personality types

Key learning Points & Outcomes

  • Identify true customer needs and priorities
  • Evaluate different elements of the deal and ‘trade concessions’ profitably
  • Handle customer resistance and respond professionally to customer tactics
  • Understanding the psychology and process of negotiation
  • Able to trade ‘variables’ and concessions profitably
  • Able to achieve win/win and maintain good relationships
  • Use creative negotiation to differentiate yourself from competitors
  • Apply the Value-Driven Negotiation process to build relationships and achieve deals which are valuable to both parties.

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