Virtual Coaching

Achieve Sustainable Development through integrated virtual coaching and counselling

An Overview

Our experience of coaching for 2 decades indicates that in 70% of the coaching assignments, obstacles also come from areas that can be addressed better through counselling plus coaching approach than only a coaching approach. In such cases,

Only focusing on coaching inputs can create limited and superficial impact only

Helping through counselling areas can greatly leverage the potential of coaching and enable sustainable results

Counselling would be done only of areas which may be situational and do not fall into the realm of disorders

Research proves ambitious leaders who undergo coaching interventions commit to making big changes. However, they fall into the same old habits soon. To overcome this challenge, sustainable change can be facilitated through an integrated coaching and counselling approach focused on breadth and depth development.


Our Approach


Our Coaching Framework


Coach Profiles


Case Studies

Executive Coaching to enable leaders to take on enhanced roles

Executive Coaching for India Plant leaders of a Multinational Chemicals organisation

Executive Coaching for India Plant leaders of a Multinational Financial Services Organisation

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