Virtual Learning Solutions

Technology led virtual learning solutions for your employees in the digital world

An Overview

Our virtual learning solutions are comprised of short 10-day virtual learning programs called 10 Day Virtual Bytes, off the shelf smart webinars on Smart Leadership and Smart Working and Virtual Learning Journeys.

Consultative Approach

Understanding your business is critical to our approach and enables us to be an effective learning partner. We do that through our 5 “I”s Consulting Process:

INVESTIGATION: exploring your purpose, discovering your business reality and understanding your aspirations.
IDENTIFICATION: getting specific about your desired state, including the hard metrics, scope and strategy to deliver it.
IMPLEMENTATION: establishing the teams, systems and language for getting things done.
INTEGRATION: ensuring momentum of any intervention by exploring how learning can be readily applied into the day-to-day thereby ensuring ongoing sustainability.
INSPIRATION: our north star in ensuring that we ignite interest in learners and project teams alike, engaging hearts and minds maximising potential.

Our solutions are powered by our global partner – Tack TMI.

Through benchmarked learning and development solutions, Tack TMI helps people and organisations to thrive.

With over 110 years combined experience and expertise, Tack TMI are the trusted global partner to some of the world’s leading organisations. Together, we inspire and enable your people and your organisation to release true potential and achieve sustainable results.

If your business strives for growth and excellence and you see people as central to your success, talk to us.


Off-the-Shelf Webinars

Smart Working Webinars
  • Virtual effectiveness
  • Managing time
  • Managing your emotions
  • Virtual presentation skills
  • Behavioral styles
  • Virtual meetings

Smart Leadership Webinars

  • Leading virtual teams
  • Virtual performance appraisal
  • Keeping your team motivated
  • Emotional intelligence
  • 5 dysfunctions of the team
  • Leading in crisis

Virtual learning journeys

  • Virtual Managerial Effectiveness


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